Leadership Training


"Our commitment is long-term. Youth may enroll in LVC programming as early as age 7 and their progressive journey of exploration, discovery, and character development spans into adulthood." Learn more about how Lake Valley Camp accomplishes our mission here.



When participants begin their freshman year of high school, they enter the Leadership Training Program. This program focuses on the development of employment and leadership skills; the discovery and exploration of self and community; and civic identity and global citizenship. The Leadership Training program is delivered during the summer and throughout the school year.

Favorite Moment: “During a debrief, following my second LT2 Workshop on the topic of Stereotypes and Diversity, one of our LT 2s, shared that he was glad school year programming is a safe place to talk about issues that students deal with regularly. He shared he never expected camp to be a place where students would be engaged in controversial topics but he was glad it happened.” - Lynette Martin (LTProgram Manager)

Who: 9th - 12th grade students that have been with the organization as early as 7 years old. These students are committed to being a part of this organization & growing as the organization grows.

What: The Leadership Training Program focuses on giving participants tools to Teach, Lead & Inspire. During senior year, participants advance into the Strong Futures Program before becoming Program Graduates. 

When: School Year Programming: Wednesdays - Building Academic Success; Fridays - LT Friday Nights; 1st and 3rd Saturdays - Workshops;  Fall & Spring Retreats; Summer Programming: LT1s & 2s attend a minimum of one 12-day Resident Camp session where they participate in a blended experience that combines community contribution and growing as emerging leaders in LVC organization. 

Why: Our program exist to develop the future leaders of our various communities! The structure of the program allows for intentional relationship building and skill development. 

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