Team Members

Nydia Cuevas


My job here puts me in direct contact with our parents as they are the ones who take care of signing up our participants for summer and year round programming.  Besides registering campers and data entry I am also in charge of maintaining the database and providing reports for annual staff.  In addition to my work as the Registrar I am the staff liaison for our Parent Association as well as the designated interpreter for our Spanish only speaking parents and translate LVC docs and forms into Spanish.

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Inspirations: My three adult sons, the human spirit, acts of kindess

What you like to do in your free time: Read, be outdoors with my faithful companion Merlin, and take road trips.

How did you get started working with non-profits?

I have always needed to feel that the work I do has meaning and makes a difference in some way.  Working in the Nonprofit sector was a no brainer for me and fills my need to feel useful and give back.

With LVC?  

I always knew I would work with youth.  Coming from an economically disadvantaged background as well as a very dysfunctional family I am still very much in touch with that little girl in me that never felt like she fit anywhere.  That made me an avid advocate of children and youth and created in me a passion to contribute in some way to provide opportunities for growth and fulfillment for young people and to help them believe in themselves.  I want them to have the support to make their dreams a reality.


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