Spring 2017


I like my smile, it’s what makes me, me.

My smile is the best thing about me.

When I laugh, I smile.

When I smile, I laugh.

When I genuinely smile, dimples appear.

My smile brings joy to others.

But most importantly it brings joy to me.

Fall 2016


Where I'm From


I’m from the feel of my bed whenever I get a chance

From the keyboard clicking doing homework

From the third red brick house on the block

From the sweet watermelon:

Not the watermelon juice,

The sweet watermelon chunks

From the minty toothpaste all over the sink


I’m from my middle name being called when I am in trouble

Or being called to do something

Where I’m from my backpack holds the homework I often forget to do for Mr. Lovo’s class

But he won’t know

Where I’m from there are political banners for Trump and Clinton