Senior Leader Spotlight July 2018

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Lizeth Flores started with Lake Valley Camp 10 years ago when she was attending Bruce Guadalupe Community School.  She started as a Pioneer attending overnight camp. She’ll be the first to admit that she was homesick and cried - she was very shy, but soon the camp experience brought her out of her comfort zone.  After a few summers, Lake Valley Camp became her second home - she was building friendships with new friends from different schools and started calling LVC her second family, too. Soon, her three younger siblings were also attending LVC programs and getting just as involved.

As Lizeth grew at Lake Valley Camp, she became an LT and said that this experience affirmed her interest in a career in early childhood.  She wants to be a role model to young children as their teacher, and LVC reassured her in this passion. This fall, she’ll be attending Alverno College and studying Early Childhood Education, potentially minoring in Spanish.  She received scholarships for both her GPA and for attending a Catholic high school.

Her advice to anyone considering getting involved in LVC? She says to go for it.  It impacted her life - she met new people, gained new experiences, and it brings people together - people from different backgrounds, different ethnicities,and different interests and you build strong friendships with others who might you might never have met otherwise. She grew up with her fellow campers; they built many memories, travelled expeditions together, and grew as LTs.  Now they’re getting to be on the staff side of the LVC and give younger campers the same experience.

Lizeth said she can’t choose just one of LVC’s beliefs as her guidance - she said she lives by all four in her daily life and believes this will continue even after she graduates from the program.  Plus, she doesn’t plan to go far - her hope is to return in her summers from college as a camp counselor!

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