Fall 2016

We Are the Difference


Group Poem: Briceson, Keyandre, Kaitlyn


We don’t turn on each other

Here you can be anybody

Our community watches us succeed


Our community watches us be happy


Our community watches us grow


Someone’s always watching

The police are always watching

They’re watching us “fail”

They’re watching us “steal”

They’re watching us “fall”


They perceive that we’re

making it worse


But where are they when we rise?

Building a case against us

Building a cage around us

Restricting us from the goals we want to achieve

Only seeing us to sweep under the rug

We will be the difference.

I’m done with it

Let’s stop with the killing and the hate

We’re just letting statistics decide our fate

Doing what we do we’re just supporting their claim

We are the thugs we are the killers

The killers just go down in the dirt,

Leaving their families to hurt

It is just not right

Not always should there be a fight

Let’s shine a light

Be the man that your ma raised you to be

With everything you do in your life it shouldn’t have to be

This large fee, your life

Shooting the guns and pulling out the knives

Now don’t get me wrong

It’s the sistas too

Having babies and not having

The money to get pampers for that doo doo