Spring 2017


My eyes

My puppy eyes

My eyes speak

The best part of me


My eyes explain

Explains my pains

Explains my gains

Explains me in many ways


My eyes define me

My eyes are never behind me

My eyes never confine me

The best part of me

My eyes

My greatest weapon

My greatest misconception

My greatest, my greatest


My eyes are my eyes

My eyes are me

My eyes are and still is

The best part of me



Fall 2016


Around me all I hear are gun shots

Trying to drown out the noise with a pot

Neighbhor shout at the cops

Saying “That’s my son, please stop”


In my hood

5-3-2-0-6 is our zipcode

Wrong place, and time is our demo

Playing cards, I fold.


Fathers in jail

Some with no bail

Mother having to sale

Son leaving in hand cuffs

Saying I wish you well


Boys with no homes go to jail

Mothers sell cuz they need more money

Daughters with no phone, can’t talk for hours

Fathers have no homes, went to jail too early


In my community all isn’t bad

Some have their dad

But still it makes me sad

Cause I still feel like I have no dad


But still my mother on my side

Fight or flight, we fly

Take off, to the skies


we won’t die

We are we

And we survive


Boy and girl alike

Still we bicker and fight

It’s just not right

Stand and fight