Spring 2017


The best feature is my hairs.

It make me warm and it cares.

When people touch I say beware.

It’s so long and curly.

I love it cuz it stay curly even when it early.

It grow and stay and get ready in a hurry.

Y’all say my hair is animal so don’t worry.

When you see you will scurry.


Spring 2016


Woke up laying on a black bench by Starbucks.

White cops surrounding me saying wake up

It wasn’t making sense

Wasn’t even asking for spare cents.

A cop came (no name)

But did a different thang

He pull out a black gun

He counted 3 to 1

Click boom

The time for me was done

This what happen with an

Empowered white man with a gun.

Fall 2016


In 2008 I remember the date

A colored skin brother was running for candidate

It was surprising at that time

When he was running, every black dude did crime

It was time my brother to see a powerful man

Instead of kill you just say “Yes we can”

Now for my sisters

Who they say will only be mothers

We got mother in office and winning over others

We as a nation should stop the rage.

Come together as a powerful nation

Quiet voice get loud when patience

Equal is just something to hide discrimination

But in discrimination there is “nation”

A divided nation will never make it,

Sink like the titanic!

Only thing that’s wrong is we don’t have forgiveness.