Spring 2017

My Mind

Capable of more than you can comprehend

It makes reality twist, turn and bend

Bigger than you could ever dream

Brighter than any sunlight beam.

Confusing to explain

The workings of my brain

For I know more than you think

Which can be seen through the good use of

My ink


My Hands


Art through the pencil

Poetry through the ink

My hands put to great use

As hours are spent without a drink

Black and white

Color pleasing the sight

Shown to all and everyone

Once my masterpiece is done



Fall 2016

Driving into my World

To be in Emmett Till’s mother’s shoes...

A corrupted world

A 5% chance for justice

Everything can go wrong in one second

The destruction

No vivid brights

Only bloody, vengeful red

Beaten faces

Dangling bloody bodies

Those are not right

Safe is no where to be seen

Running is not an option

A multiple choice question

A. Life

B. Death

Wanting to live won’t make you live

Fighting for life will give you a chance

Taking life will give you life

Only if you don’t want to die

On the right side of the car

Where the sun shines brightest

I stare out into the regular world

Though my eyes see different

My headphones on

Blasting music

Influencing my world coming

To life

Characters all over the place

In the regular world

Made different by my eyes

At 7:55 am

Driving to school

Driving into my world.