Spring 2017

My face defines me

Defines the beauty

The beauty of me

The best part of me

Because of my beauty


My face

My face defines my emotions

My mouth, my eyes, my chin, my eyelashes

All a part of my face

My unique and brilliant face.


Fall 2016


I come from a place where there’s Joy

Where you can hear stories on the master boy

Now don’t get me wrong there is time of

Crying all day and night

Days where it takes courage in order to

Tuck me in tight


Love is not always shown from me

Hearing my mom tell me to stay out of tee

Where you would define me as happy, then sad, then glad

No! I’m not bipolar, I just be having emotions about my dad.


When you look at today

You see a place to lay

A place to be happy

A place where kids are born

In a field where you can grow corn.


Piece by piece we grow so neat

We all know that life isn’t sweet

Although I’m not in the hood

Hearing about shooting and killings

Is a problem in my neighborhood


Together as one

No one should say I’m done

As the moon and sun work to give us light

Let us rise in blind sight.