Our Mission & Vision


We believe a child’s potential should not be limited by their circumstance and that all youth have the right to be involved in activities and pursuits that nurture their spirit and support their passion.  This is why LVC works tirelessly to ensure that our young people have access to purpose-driven, experience-based programs, facilitated by highly-skilled professionals firmly invested in seeing them thrive.     

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring out the limitless potential in young leaders through extraordinary experiences and nurturing relationships.  

Our vision is that everyone understands their potential, pursues their purpose, and contributes to their community in positive ways.


We pursue this vision and execute this mission by fostering exploration and discovery for young people through meaningful experience-based learning. Our commitment is long-term. Youth may enroll in LVC programming as early as age 7 and their progressive journey of exploration, discovery, and character development spans into adulthood.

Every Lake Valley Camp program is based on the organization’s FOUR BELIEFS.


We believe that Every Living Being Has Inherent Value, and that every young person deserves high quality enrichment activities.


We believe that Everyone has the Power to Change Their World, and that if given the same opportunities, all young people can succeed.


We believe that The Community is Better When Everyone Contributes and that our communities will thrive only when every young person is involved.


We believe that We Can Only Grow When We are Honest About Our Mistakes and that youth need to be surrounded by caring adults who will accept them for who they are.

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