Team Members

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Julio cordova

Data & Communications Coordinator 

I am responsible for a variety of things at LVC including the management of the participant database, communication with all of our families including our bilingual Spanish speaking families, manager of social media/marketing, and the general registration process for all campers. 

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Inspirations: Women, my mother, my sister, DREAMERS, Immigrants, Teachers, youth, activists, Milwaukee, artists, writers.

What you like to do in your free time: When I have the time I like to draw, paint, generally make art, visit art at museum, read about art, and talk about art with others. I enjoy reading non fiction, art books, and history books. I enjoy many different kinds of music, DJing music, and recently learning how to make music. Other interests include travel, eating different foods, cooking with friends, organizing events, enjoying the outdoors, biking, running and exploring the urban landscape.

How did you get started working with non-profits? I began volunteering early on when I was in high school at places such as the Latino Community Center and then Walker’s Point Center for the Arts. I always had the vision and desire to help others through service in my own community. In college I began working for the Milwaukee Art Museum, then later La Causa Inc. which followed working for Milwaukee Public Schools for a few years. I knew I wanted to continue serving the very own community from which I come from so I continued working for nonprofits.

With LVC?  I heard about the organization through a friend (Alora) who also works for LVC, I was immediately interested in the job and quickly applied for the position.


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